Prep life nutrition was founded when I started preparing food for my clients to eat a long side training with me on a weekly basis. With 10 years experience personal training, I see that my clients downfall tends to be with their diets. This typically falls down to finding time and energy to prepare meals, reverting back to bad habits and quick fixes. Having healthy balanced meals at your disposal means sticking to that lifestyle becomes easy and convenient.


Making food for my clients soon turned into my business servicing the whole of the east midlands and now we ship anywhere in the UK. We now have a team 8 working tirelessly to create and deliver the best tasting prep meals that we can. 

Our aim is to provide restaurant quality food at affordable prices for all our customers to enjoy daily.



Eating clean can be seen as boring, but not at Prep Life Nutrition. Our trained chefs with years of experience pack each meal full of flavour so clean eating doesn’t have to bland tasteless food.



Each meal is packed with protein which is essential for growth and repair of your muscles, no matter your goal whether it be weight loss or weight gain. We don’t have any preservatives to our meals so you the customer can enjoy clean, healthy balanced meals daily.



All our meat produce is sourced from local butchers as we strive to bring you the best quality for each meal we send out. We use a unique blend of spices to create maximum taste for you our customers.



@2018 Prep Life Nutrition by Edward Weston. 


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